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  Bob & Tessa wants to introduce you to their friends.  

Name: That Darn Cat.

Breed: Cat

Age: I'm not telling you. Meow! I need some secrets.

Likes: My Big Bed (from Paws of Distinction). Catnip.

Dislikes: Akitas who like sleeping in MY bed.


Name: Cromwell

Breed: Akita

Age: 3 years old.

Likes: my Plush squeaky toys, my paws of distinction bed, my toys, chasing deer, did I mention my toys?, oooh and cookies too :-)

Dislikes: Hot weather.



Name: Dakota

Breed: Akita

Age: 9 years old.

Likes: Naps in my new bed from paws of distinction, cookies, playing
with my cousin tessa, and my family

Dislikes: Hot weather.


Name: Aeryn Sun Cat

Breed: Stray Striped

Age: I'm almost 2!

Likes: Cat nip, sleeping in my bed that I got at Paws of Distinction.

Dislikes: Goofy, drooly dogs named Killian


Name: Killian ~ Killian Jacob when I'm in trouble.

Breed: Welsh Terrier

Age: 2 year old!

Likes: Flossies! Squeeky Toys! My Big Bone Bed (from Paws of Distinction, natch!). Squeeky Toys! Digging Holes! Squeeky Toys!

Dislikes: Stuck up cats like Aeryn who don't want to play with me.


Name: Skillet Emerson Upward

Breed: Rat Terrier

Age: 2 or 14, depending on how you do the math

Likes: Playing with puppies; my Chicago Cubs blanket; Amanda's peanut butter biscotti

Dislikes: Oscar the pug biting my tail

Name: Cinco de Mayo Upward

Breed: Rat Terrier

Age: Two-ish

Likes: Having been rescued by new family, from RatboneRescues.com; Amanda's peanut butter biscotti

Dislikes: the dog ban at General Montgomery Day


Name: Steeda

Breed: Puggle (1/2 Pug and 1/2 Beagle)

Age: 3 Months

Likes: Greenies Bones, Liver Biscotti, Playing dress-up, Stairs that Grandpa O made to get on the bed.

Dislikes: Being considered a "She-Demon" by Cinco. I ask you this, how can anyone as cute as me be considered a "She-Demon"?


Name: Madonna

Breed: Yorkie!

Age: Birthday Girl! See my shirt! It's says "IT's MY BIRTHDAY!"

Likes: My Bone cake from Paws of Distinction.

Dislikes: Anyone who doesn't agree that I'm the cutest dog ever.

Name: Ozzy really not Oswald like my neighbor calls me!

Breed: Wire Fox Terrier! Terriers RULE! Right Killian, Madonna, Skillet and Cinco? We're REAL Dogs!

Age: 9 months old!

Likes: My Terrier Indestructible rubber bone from Paws of Distinction, the garden hose, my ball and salad!


Dislikes: baths, getting brushed, the cat that lives with me.

PS - I'm soooo cool that I blog.

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